Services We Provide and Conditions We Treat

Herring Spine & Rehab has offered a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare for over 36 years. From athletes to accident victims, thousands have been successfully treated. We welcome you to try our family oriented brand of services today.

Family Practice From Children to Elderly

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Strains and Sprains

Low Level Light Therapy Non-thermal Laser

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Automobile Accidents, Workman’s Compensation and Athletic Injuries

Numbness / Tingling in Arms and Legs

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Plantar Fascitis

Cervical and Lumbar Mechanical Traction

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Acute and Chronic Pain Management

Spinal Disorders, Scoliosis, and Sciatica

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Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Hip Injuries

Non-surgical Disc Decompression Treatment

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Auxillary staff privileges at East Alabama Medical Center

X-Rays Done On Site

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